Private Lessons

New Riders

Many new riders are anxious about what it takes to ride a motorcycle. In addition, many have never driven a standard shift vehicle. We offer private lessons for individuals or small groups, to address these concerns and help those individuals get a “step-up” on the MSF Basic Rider Course.

Private lessons include: motorcycle familiarization and other basic skills including clutch control, throttle control, braking, shifting and cornering. A couple hours of your time will boost your confidence and prepare you to take the Basic Rider Course with reduced anxiety and solid beginning level of skill development.

Special, new rider introductory classes are available by appointment only. Call us at 607-898-3339 and make your reservation today.

Re-entering Riders

Some riders have had a lapse in time since they last rode a motorcycle; or have acquired a more powerful motorcycle and want to become re-familiarized with the sport. A private lesson may be what is needed to brush up on those rusty skills or regain confidence on that new motorcycle.

Private lessons, either individually or in small groups, allow you to address specific areas of need at YOUR OWN PACE to improve your riding skill level. Call us at 607-898-3339 and make your reservation today.